Artist Statement

In a large part of my work I use photografys I've taken, I process them on the computer and passes them to other techniques such as etching and screenprint. The images are printed on different platform: paper, textile and canvas. In screen  Prints  sometimes I work with Fabric paints .  the  etchings are mostly Monochromatic and small-medium sized.  screen prints characterized  with primary colors (which can bepartly by textiles) are medium-large size. Much of the works are Monotype, another part consists of variations of the same image, and in others there are limited Series.

The works range from figurative to abstract textures, are characterized by dense carpets of which shimmer / assimilated various images. These shapes and textures in my visual consciousness influenced by the culture in which I grew up. Topics range from the autobiographical to the public through an examination of a number of key images. The first is the different layers of body image and disclosure of coverage, such as portraits of my daughter  which  I create her anew. Also, I am dealing with gender-ethnic identity through my treatment in terms of missing, longing and identification with my mother through the images of her lost jewelry. So by creating a colorless relief jewelry, jewelry box blank and others who express their burning sense of absence and memory. Another image is the cypress that displayed on different  Patterns surfaces. In these works I give a personal interpretation to Israeli symbol, and thus defines my personal Israeli. The image that keeps me busy last intensively is the heart. It started from the heart harbored looks jewel filigree, rear wires were in disarray, parallels the physical and emotional human heart. I look through the range of emotions of  that  image through: tissue, tearing, photography and embedding,  from banality, beautifully to imperfect.

Print lets me use photographs before and in the process, working in layers and creating variations and the development of the image. Nature of work on the metal is meticulous and workmanlike, allows the creation of ornaments and serve inherent much of the work, "Mashaker" "(2010), Several tables were the work itself (like readymade), as well as creating embossed colorless transmit the viewer the sense of lack and emptiness as a motif Circular my works. I documented work process photography: Tablets in solution and elsewhere, the corrosive action of the metal solution, my shadow in the solution at the heart sizzling and more. Received photographed images could only exist in the burning process of the metal - etching. The photographs have become a body of works which is an integral part of my artwork.